A quality cup of coffee can depend upon many things:
  • The time since the coffee beans are ground;
  • How clean the production equipment is;
  • The quality of coffee used;
  • The method of packaging;         

If you‘ve opened the Empacado de café (packed coffee) will last in the

PANTRY : one-two weeks
FREEZER : one month

After this point the coffee quality can of deteriorate, but will in all probability still be safe to drink.

Coffee bean’s two greatest enemies are air and moisture. Ideally, coffee should be ground, brewed and consumed quickly to get the most effective flavor. Coffee beans are at their peak eventually 72 hours once roasting and begin to quickly stale at the moment it’s best to buy fresh roasted coffee in quantities that use within 7 to 10 days. Whole coffee beans should be stored in an airtight container in a dry dark, place at room temperature.

Vacuum packed coffee sold in el envasado al vacío (vacuum packaging) has had oxygen and carbon dioxide removed a method that keeps the coffee fresh. Once the will is opened, the coffee will be in its prime for 7 to 10 days. Freezing or refrigerating coffee it’s usually not suggested to store packed coffee in the freezer or refrigerator. The enemies of coffee are extreme temperature, air, light, moisture and strong odors. Having simply that the freezer is not smart idea for storing coffee, the freezer is suitable just for a time, that after you’re take it out of the freezer, it should never go return in.

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