How to maintain roasted coffee refreshing after opening your bag?

This is a very good question.

      ·  The best method is to store the unused coffee within the bag in which it's packaged.
      ·  Place the whole bag within associate degree airtight instrumentation removed from lightweight and moisture            at temperature (or cooler).
      ·  A storage room or cabinet shelf is good.

Why is storing coffee within the refrigerator or deep-freeze not a decent idea?

      ·  Both places are too cold and dry.
      ·  By storing coffee within the icebox or deep-freeze, you permit wetness buildup within the roasted coffee (whole          bean or ground) when you open the bag at temperature to leave the coffee to brew.
      ·  Air, moisture, and light exposure can degrade the aroma and style of coffee.
        The one exception is that the following:
      ·  If you're not getting to consume your freshly café tostado(roasted coffee) for more than 3 weeks.
      ·  If this is often the case, you'll store sealed bags of whole bean coffee within the deep-freeze for up to six                      months as long as they're placed within a firmly sealed freezer bag.
      ·  Before opening to be used, thaw the sealed coffee within the refrigerator for twenty-four to forty eight hours,                followed by twenty four hours at temperature.
      ·  This procedure can minimize the formation of condensation within the bag.


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