The side gussets name come from the gusset or either side of the bags. The gussets will expand when the package is filled with product. This package format has two long faces, on the front and the back for product. Today the side gusset bag is recognized format for coffee packaging. embalaje para el café(Packing for coffee) with side gusset bag is also widely used in other markets such as, pet food, powders goods, tea and other specialty food products.

The unique aspect-seal and quad-seal designs available on a number of our side gusset bags also create it very simple to customize valve location and label placement that we offer through our convenient labeling service. Ideally to be used as coffee bags and different specialty food packaging, our gusset bags will associate with or without degassing valves to fit your packaging needs. These side-gusset stock bags are on the market in available sizes and colors also as a matte finish and our signature aroma pattern.

Packing for coffee with side gusset bags are most popular format packaging for coffee. We make a full line of stock bags to accommodate most coffee roasts, as well as product sensitive to oxygen and water. Our quad-seal frustrar escudete bolsas(foil gusset bags) are laminated with the best quality and consistency that provides the final word barrier protection against UV lighting. Packing for coffee include, quad seal foil facet gusseted bags have a three layer construction consisting of PET/AL/LLDPE totaling just about 135µ and paired with the high barrier characteristics of foil, ensures that your product can experience extended period of time. The quad-seal design provides these foil bags increased burst strength while also allowing nice flexibility in label application and valve placement. With available zippers these quad seal foil facets gusseted bags have become additional versatile for use with various products.


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