At, we stock the biggest style of flexible packaging materials to suit the needs of the many industries like food, coffee, tea, pet food, nuts, herbal smoke and a lot of. We utilize top quality equipment, latest technology and our team of staff to create effective and low cost packaging solution for our clients.

We specialize brown paper bags for coffee, They are eco-friendly and economical selection for millions of people across the world. They're durable and convenient package materials manufactured by a company. One will use these bags for packaging of products or on an ordinary basis, and save lots of the company’s money. They're cheaper than plastic bags and available in a type of size and styles to suit your requirements. Bolsas de papel para café(Paper bags for coffee) with window also are obtainable, in order that the client may look at the contents within.

Foil paper bags are wide use in coffee packaging. The foil lining or metalized lining effectively protects the contents from moisture and may even be printed with attractive designs and logos to make up the brand of the company. Paper bags for coffee is additionally available in gusset style. Gusset paper bags that are particularly used in packaging coffee and cocoa beans. The unique styles with customized valve location are a plus for these side gusset bags, creating them and ideal choice for Empaques de Café(Coffee packaging). they're available in variety of finishes, colors and sizes to suit packaging needs.


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