Material includes : 

Material science is responsible for miraculous improvements in technologies, as well as packaging for roasted coffee. We use bolsas aluminizadas(aluminized bags), with one-way valve. Packaging for roasted coffee can keep roasted whole bean coffee fresh so much longer than previous incarnations of packaging for coffee.

Process to use :

Within a few hours of roasting, the roaster can evacuate the bag of all air, and fail with inert gas such as gas, so thermally seal the bag. An important detail is that the addition of a one-way valve to let co2. Without this valve, the bags can inflate hard as the co2 builds up significant pressure, but cannot escape. The co2 also serves to displace the oxygen in this application. Nitrogen is widely used as a result of it both displaces oxygen as well as inhibits the growth of fungus or bacteria, neither of that are a problem for roasted coffee. Displacing oxygen, however, looks to be a universally recognized profit. We've tested our coffee packed this manner at one week increments stored at room temperature and found them to remain fresh tasting for many weeks, with a little difference from the same coffee roasted fresh to the same profile.

We recommend for the storage :

Packaging for roasted coffee(Empaques para cafe tostado) include one-way valve as we've described may be stored in a cool dry place, or stored in a freezer. We don't recommend storing beans in an airtight container under any circumstances.


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